Support for doctors resources from Alastair Henderson

Mon, 7th January 2019

To Academy Council, CEOs, Communication Leads and Academy Committee Members


Dear Colleague,


I am pleased to send you a link to an Academy resource which signposts the different organisations which can provide support for doctors.


The Academy believes it is vital that all doctors and NHS professionals support one another by providing an environment that encourages and enables us to make choices that promote healthy lives and wellbeing. We need well doctors so that patients receive the best care and management possible. Colleges have a leadership role within the profession to help provide or direct doctors to the right sources of support.


If doctors are looking for support there are a range of organisations, services and websites which can offer help. The links on our new webpages signpost support available


I also attach a link to Carrie’s blog which explains the thinking behind this initiative.


We recognise that the list of organisations and resources will not be comprehensive. We want to keep the information live and refreshed so if you think there are organisations which should be included please send the details including the appropriate web-link to


We have produced this in response to requests from Colleges and we would therefore ask that

  • all Academy members will ensure it has the widest possible circulation to your Fellows and members through your newsletter, email communications, websites etc.
  • Individual Committee members do whatever they can to draw the resource to the attention of doctors.


With best wishes



Alastair Henderson

Chief Executive


10 Dallington Street

London, EC1V 0DB


T+ 020 7490 6810

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