New eLearning Modules for IMTs

Tue, 5th April 2022

Dr Tina Mehta is delighted to announce that four new online eLearning modules have been launched on the eLfH page for IMTs about developing skills in an outpatient setting. Trainees in Bath and Swindon, worked hard to develop three dynamic, engaging and interactive sessions for the benefit of trainees and a session for outpatient trainers too. Dr Mehta is very proud of their excellent work, and that they have attained a national HEE publication. Sadly, HEE have been unable to attain funding for all the South West trainees who showed enthusiasm for the project to be involved in developing materials for all the CiPs, but at least all can benefit from the new learning materials that can be accessed here: 


A team of Severn trainees have also developed a new list of all the available eLearning materials for IMTs on the eLfH site:  This comprehensive list is a helpful resource for facilitating access to IMT suitable learning materials, as a means of evidence-basing personal development in each CiP area, with resources that can be linked to the ePortfolio. The new IMT eLfH page also includes access to exemplar videos for procedural skills.


If you have ideas for learning materials, contact Tina Mehta on  In the meantime check out the new IMT page and resources on the eLfH page.