Changes to surgical training – August 2021: Upskilling your faculty

Wed, 5th May 2021

A news item courtesy of Helen Cattermole, Council member, DME and Surgeon:

The Joint Committee for Surgical Training (JCST) would like to highlight to all surgical educators that the new curriculum is being implemented from August 2021 and would urge all educators to familiarise themselves with the changes.  If the DME is not a surgeon the magnitude of these changes might have passed them by!

There are lots of resources available - the implementation was delayed by a year due to COVID - and some surgical departments may require additional support from DMEs and their teams to make these changes work.

In particular, the introduction of the Multi Consultant Report (MCR) will require some departments to have meetings where they do not currently exist.

The emphasis on the content and quality of ES reports has increased significantly and will potentially catch many surgeons by surprise.

JCST have asked for help from NACT and NAMEM to get DMEs on board with ensuring the College Tutors and Clinical Leads are up to speed with the changes and identify any adjustments that might be required in individual Trusts/departments. 

There are lots of resources on and a new virtual weekly drop in Q&A session is starting every Friday morning from 14th May.