CESR Conference - February 2021

Wed, 9th December 2020

The first CESR conference being held on 23rd February 2021 is open to all interested doctors, i.e. SAS doctors, Trust Grades, Clinical and Trust fellows, and other doctors in training who intend to apply for inclusion to the GMC’s Specialist Register via the CESR/ CESR-CP route.

Please follow this link for the latest update on the CESR Conference.


CESR Conference Programme

HEE South West recognises that there are many aspiring doctors throughout United Kingdom who are not in formal training programmes but have gathered a lot of experience and are either preparing for, or already in a position to apply to the GMC via CESR for their names to be included in the Specialist Register.   

This conference brings together experts from the GMC and several Royal colleges. With more than 20 speakers facilitating 3-4 plenary and 12-16 parallel workshop sessions, we are confident that the delegates will find it worth their time. This event also highlights the challenges that these doctors have faced along the way -presented by them in their own words. 

Originally, we advertised 200 slots for this 1st CESR conference; the interest has been unexpectedly high and within 2 weeks of advertising the event we had had more than 1000 applications. We have therefore added 150 more slots to our conference on 23rd February 2021 and in the process of organising our 2nd CESR conference to be held on 15 June 2021. Together, these two events will cater for 700 doctors.