Previous Meetings

Previous Meeting:

Tuesday 3 October 2017 at the Crowne Plaza, Solihull

Final Programme

This one-day meeting consisted of a mixture of lectures and group work to help the development of the SAS Tutor, including sharing of good practice.

Presentations that have been made available to us:

HEE Support for SAS Medics, Sheona Macleod

Liz Spencer Slides used throughout the day

Introducing National Training Schemes for SAS Doctors, Helmy Mashaly

Introduction of SAS Awards, Lucinda Farmer and Sarah Mungall

Surviving the first year as a SAS Clinical Tutor, Marion Norbrook

Getting what you want in your Department, Jonathan Beard


30 September 2016

Final Programme


Liz Spencer's slides used throughout the day

National and Regional Current Issues, Mr Yohanna Takwoingi

Defining yourslelf as a leader, Ms Mandy King

Doctors Teaching - one year on, Dr Stefan Maz

Perfect SAS Leading Style, Mr Helmy Mashaly

Widening the Horizons for non-training grade doctors and Newcastle Hospitals, Mr Umesh Ullal (available to download shortly)

Audit as a Tool for Motivation, Sr Stefan Maz


2 October 2015

Final Programme


Title and objectives, Dr Liz Spencer

SAS Current Issues, Mr Yohanna Takwoingi

Doctors Teaching - a new educational resource for SAS Doctors, Dr Stefan Maz

Understanding Resilience, Dr Shirley Remington

Handling Bullying/Harassment at Work, Dr Liz Spencer

Underdesirable Behaviours article, Dr Liz Spencer


3 October 2014 Development Day

SAS Tutors' Dev Day Oct 2014 Presentations


4 October 2013 Development Day

  SAS Tutors' Dev Day Oct 2013 Latest Programme.docSAS Tutors' Dev Day Oct 2013 Presentations.ppt


5 October 2012 Development Day

30 September 2011 Development Day
SAS Tutors' Dev Day 30 Sept Latest Programme

13 Sept 2010 Development Day

SAS Development Day Sept 2011 Programme with link to presentations