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19/20 January 2016 - Holiday Inn, Carburton Street, London 

Final Programme

Presentations that have been made available to date:

Promoting excellence – the new GMC Education Standard

Values in the NHS

Innovative ways of faciliatating learning

Designing rotas to encourage professionalism

Supporting educators: the new NACT UK Guidance

Departments in Difficulty - Workshop Outline This Workshop explored approaches to improving difficult or unsupportive learning environments for postgraduate medical education.   Departments in Difficulty Workshop

Community Training; collaborative initiatives -Workshop Outline This Workshop heard the perspective of a GP post CCT Fellow about his experience.  It then considered the current level of collaborative working happening within the group, thoughts about how and why this might be increased, benefits to various individuals and departments and of course patients, followed by a developing a simple plan for a community or collaborative working post.

Supporting Educators – managing issues raised – Workshop Outline In groups there was discussion on how to manage a number of complaints about trainers. The scenarios are based on real complaints changed a little. Participants were asked to apply the new NACT UK document & consider the best approaches (Is this significant complaint? What level? Who should investigate?) to each scenario by:1. Trainer about whom the problem has been raised 2.Training Programme Director of the trainers programme 3. Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) Liaison Member/Chair 4.        Director of Medical Education in LEP 5. Medical Director in hospital employing the trainer(s)

Thoughts from Day 1

Supporting doctors from different backgrounds

Workplace assessments - moving forward

Workplace assessments Journal Club Papers - This provided an opportunity to critique and discuss two recent papers from the medical education literature with an academic expert.  Paper 1, Paper 2

Talking with trainees from different ethnic backgrounds  – Workshop Outline. This Workshop discussed how language and cultural values shape behaviour and therefore the communication flows between trainees, patients, colleagues and supervisors.  It shared and reflected on approaches that might help to enable trainees from different ethnic backgrounds and their educations to manage such challenges.

Resilience - Workshop Outline.   This Workshop's objectives were to understand basic concepts, understand elements that enhance resilience and look to see how to embed approaches to increase resilience within training. Resilience Workshop

A Sheep a SOP and a story workshop Outline - This workshop aimed to help participants gain a better understanding of the full breadth of what "Human Factors" really means.  Delegates were able to experience a new model for healthcare error: the SHEEP model.  This model reveals over 200 factors that make error more likely. handout 1, handout 2, handout 3, handout 4

Reflection and what to write - Workshop Outline. This Workshop looked at Clinical Reflective Writing to allow the attendee and others to explore depths of practice that would not otherwise be seen.  It provided an introduction to the educational material and practical tips as to how to get started with Clinical Reflective Writing.

Learning from Adverse Educational Incidents - This Workshop included no formal presentation, just lots of group work around definition,s mechanism for incident analysis and sharing that learning within faculty and across programmes and LEPs.

Policies, Politics and Tactics: view from a Dean

Vision & Strategy for future Postgraduate Medical Education

It's got to be multi professional

Abstract book

13th National Multi-Specialty Meeting, 20/21 January 2015 - Holiday Inn, Carburton Street, London

Final programme

Presentations that have been made available:

Welcome and lessons from 2014

Benefits of Training to Patient Care

Importance of Educational data for CQC

Results from BTBC Trust and Inspire Pilots

  BTBC Programme

- East Kent

- Micro-surgery

- Leeds & York

- Grey Wednesday

- Dr Toolbox

Workshop - How to write a really effective business plan

Workshop - Should trainees have leadership roles for patient safety

Workshop - Using GMC Trainer survey to generate change

Workshop - Utilising ARCP related processes which support revalidation

Thoughts from Day 1

Recruitment Procedure 2015 - selecting for values

Key influences in medical careers decision making

Investigating how doctors progress through training

Seminar - How culture influences learning and professional performance

Workshop - Improving workplace behaviour - what can we do?

Workshop - Error is the raw data of learning - building resilence in the face of setback

Workshop - Providing training across primary/secondary boundaries

Workshop - WPBA v SLE - what can we learn?

Body and Mind – connecting them in medicine and health

Future challenges and direction

Will Deaneries still exist in 2020?

Medical Education or Multi-Professional Education?

12th National Multi-Specialty Conference: 21 & 22 January 2014 - Holiday Inn Bloomsbury

12th National MS Conf Programme with link to presentations
Abstract Book

11th National Multi-Specialty Conference: 22 & 23 January 2013 - Holiday Inn, Regent's Park London

10th National Multi-Specialty Conference: 24 & 25 January 2012 – Holiday Inn, Regent's Park, London

10th National Multi-Specialty Programme with link to presentations.doc

8th National Multi-Specialty Conference: 26 & 27 January 2010 – RCOG, London

Programme 2010 Multi-Specialty Conference with links to presentations