Multi-Specialty Conference

This 2-day conference is for Heads of Schools, Training Programme Directors, Clinical Tutors and Directors of Medical Education in Acute, Mental Health and GP Trainers. Also very relevant for College Tutors. A mixture of strategic lectures from the nation's PGME leaders with panel discussions and small group workshops and sharing from colleagues on operational topics of current interest.  Supported by AoMRC, GMC, COPMeD and COGPeD.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th January 2020 - Holiday Inn, Carburton Street

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Last Meeting: Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th January 2019 - Holiday Inn, Carburton Street

Feedback: 'Overall fantastic meeting, having never attended one before, it opened my eyes to the educational dynasties.'

Please find below the presentations/tools used that have been made available to us from the event.

Final Programme

Tuesday 15th January 2019 (Day 1)

Session 1: Current Issues

What next for Reflective Practice, by Phil Martin

The impact of Brexit and NHS policy reform in Education, by Mark Exworthy

Session 2: Improving the Learning Environment

Leadership Development - how do we enable trainees and trainers?, by Clare Morris

Perceived Organisational Support: Stories shared by F2 Doctors, by Gillian Scanlon

Fatigue and how to deal with it, by Roopa McCrossan       Fatigue & Shift Work - (which Roopa discussed)

Session 3: Workshops - Whats next?

1. What next for quality, by Richard Higgins

2. What next for Curricular reform, by Namita Kumar       Handout 1   Handout 2

3. What next for departments in difficulty, by Anand Mehta

4. What next for burnout, by Liz Spencer

Session 4: Workshops - Whats next?

1. What next for improving surveys, by Gary Wares

2. What next for trainer recognition, by Gillian Vance & Bryan Burford

3. What next for post quality charter, by Emma Baker & Andrew Scourfield

4. What next for burnout, by Liz Spencer (same as previous session)

Session 5: Trainee well-being

Christopher Bu

Mahua Bhaduri

Shiri van de Bijl

Warwick (Barny) Allan

Eleanor Nash

Aaron Braddy

Wednesday 15th January 2019 (Day 2)

Session 6: Workforce & Welfare

Supported Return to Training (SRTT) - ensuring smooth transitions in and out of work for all, by Peter Hockey

Civility Saves Lives: improving the working climate, by Chris Turner

Session 7: Workshops

1. How to re-enthuse your faculty: Ideas for improving faculty development participation, by Ruth Garcia-Rodriguez

2. Learning together - a programme for community-based trained GPs and specialists, by Raquel Williams & John Spicer   Handout

3. "Learning to Lead" a toolkit to teach leadership skills, by Jo Szram

4. Does perceived organisational support influence career intentions?, by Gillian Scanlon & Peter Johnston

Session 8: Workshops

1. Advanced Clinical Practice - working across the professions to meet population need, by Geeta Menon & Beverley Harden

2. Should SAS Tutor role be an integral part of HEE structure?, by Yohanna Takwoingi

3. Tariff, by Jo Szram

4. Mindfulness - a source of support for trainees, by Florian Ruths

Session 9: Learning from others

Learning together how to learn and work with new roles and new models of care, by Beverley Harden

Where next for quality criteria? Lessons from core medical training, by Phil Bright

"Megatrends": How will societal change impact on training doctors of the future?, by Richard Watson


All NACT UK meetings are recognised by the RCP (London) for CPD points, and receive credits from the Open University towards a Certificate in Continuing Professional Development. To learn more about this, click here.