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Friday 9 March 2018 at the London Marriott, Marble Arch

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10.00    Novel Leadership training for Foundation Doctors in conjunction with 202 (Midlands) Field Hospital, Dr Jennifer Rowlands and Major Dr Kevin Eardley
10.15     Education foundation doctors to handle uncertainty: the case of insulin prescribing, Prof Tim Dornan
10.30    Reporting Clinical Excellence: “The Yaytix Program”, Dr Gabriel Chain
13.45    Managing the Acutely Ill Patient: Developing a Training Course for Foundation Year 1 Doctors, Sophie Williams (FY1), Kirsty Connell (FY1)
14.00     Placement Supervision Group Tool: a useful aid in identifying those trainees requiring additional support, Mrs Angela Burton
14.15     Experience of Parallel Communications TM training, a novel communication skills workshop, in 242 Foundation year Doctors in a UK Hospital, Dr Ben Clark
15.05     Leadership: Promoting Leadership in Foundation, Drs Clare Ingram and Mohammed Auldin

Previous Meetings:

Friday 10 March 2017 at the London Marriott, Marble Arch
Final Programme
Presentations that have been made available to us:

Longitudinal Integrated Foundation Training, a pilot for HEE North West, Ms' Kate Burnett and Jacqui Baines

Use of a Dashboard in a Foundation School, Mrs Lara Raworth

Triangulation of feedback on the quality of educational supervision in the Northern Foundation School, Mr Jeremy Twigg

The West Midlands Public Health Community Fellowship Scheme: an example of partnership working across the health landscape, Drs Clare Walker and Emma Hirons

Data on F1 Induction Survey, Dr Clare Van Hamel

Update on Horus, Ms Kata Varnai

Friday 4 March 2016

An evaluation of multi-disciplinary team training and performance utilising hybrid, multi-modal simulation, Dr Richard Thomas

Formative prescribing assessment for foundation doctors to induction, Ms Katie Reygate

F2 Regional Teaching Programme, Dr Jason Louis

Dr Toolbox, Dr James Houston

Foundation ARCP Videos, Drs Helen Waters and Jes Verwey

1. An intro to the Foundation Training Portfolio and ARCP video series

2. How do I write a Personal Development Plan

3. How to ensure your e-portfolio is ARCP ready (1)

4. How to ensure your e-portfolio is ARCP ready (2)

Immersive simulation in the Foundation Programme, Dr Neil Harrison

Changes to the FPC for 2016, Dr David Kessel

UKFPO Operational Issues, Dr Clare van Hamel

Update on Horus, Ms Kata Varnai


Abstract book