Foundation Programme Sharing Event

24th March 2021 VIRTUAL 

This meeting was to encourage both faculty and foundation doctors to share their educational best practice.  We were hoping this would be a face to face meeeting, but unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions it has held virtually. Please see below the programme and presentations.


Abstract Book

9.50  A review of a hybrid induction programme for Foundation Trainees in the Emergency Department - Does it work?  Julian Ahluwalia, Kathryn Tremble

10.05  Attitudes and Experiences towards Less than Full Time Training in the Foundation Programme  Alexandra Damazer

10.20  Workplace and me: resilience and wellbeing for trainees in EOE  Luna Dahal, Ruth Seager

10.35  A review of an informal buddying system and support for Foundation Year 1 Doctors provided by Foundation Year 2 Doctors  Will Hartrey, Elgan Jones

11.20 Foundation Programme Update Curriculum Roll Out May 2021   UKFPO Curriculum   Dr Tony Choules, Chair AoMRC Programme Committee

11.45 Co-creating a 'fit for purpose' teaching programme  Re-imagining the Foundation Teaching Programme  Dr Helen Johnson, Foundation School Director HEE - East of England

13.45  The East of England Foundation School Guide to QI - A Teaching and Mentorship Programme  Georgia Galloway, Schnell D'Sa

14.00  Ultrasound-Guided Venous Access Teaching for Foundation Doctors  Lawrence Helliwell

14.15  Improving Foundation Doctors' Confidence or Perioperative Medicine: A Near-Peer Teaching Programme Jessica McGinty

14.30  Sustained acute medical education during COVID-19 with Simulation via Instant Messaging - Birmingham Advance (SIMBA) Lucy Wallett

14.45  Virtual Paediatric Simulation for Foundation - improving safety with inter-organisational facilitation during Covid-19 pandemic Preethi Gopinath

15.30 Hot Topics in the Foundation Programme Dr Mike Masding, Co-chair UKFPO & Lead HEE Foundation School Director

Previous Meeting:  Friday 27th March 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID-19

Please see attached programme and abstract book that we have published.


Abstract Book