Spring Meeting

CPD Day 12th May 2021 - This meeting will now be VIRTUAL via Zoom - Limited Availability

"Education reboot" optimising support for Educators and Trainees

This day will focus on your personal development for the important leadership role you have within medical education.  It is more about developing you than updating you on what is going on.  This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom.  Please see below for registration form and latest programme.

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SPRING MEETING 20th May 2021 

This will be held at Horwood House, Little Horwood, Bucks, MK17 0PH, and is the only NACT UK Meeting run by members but open to all in PGME and incorporates the AGM (Members only).  Please see below for registration form and latest programme.  

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The Spring Meeting  May 2022 will be held in Wales at the Cahateau Rhianfa, Bangor over looking the Menai Straits. The CPD Day  will run from 10:00–16:30 and will be open to all who have an educational role. The Spring Meeting is the only NACT UK meeting run by Members but open to all involved in PGME and incorporates the AGM (Members only). This starts with a pre-conference workshop option during the reception (1830-1945) followed by Dinner at 20.00 The following day will consist of expert lectures on relevant topics and ample opportunity fro discussion and delegates can present some aspect of their work if they wish. It is a GREAT time to learn and network.

Registration form will be available as soon as May 2022 dates are confirmed.

Virtual AGM 29th May 2020 16:00

Please find documents below:

AGM Agenda 2020

Minutes of last AGM meeting 2019

Chairs' Report for AGM 2020  

Abbreviated Accounts AGM 2020

Treasurer's Report AGM 2020


Previous Meetings

Spring Meeting 2019 - NACT 50th Birthday

15th & 16th May 2019

Programme 15th May (Day 1)

Session One: NACT: The early decades

Session Two: Moving forward

Session Three: Where we are now?

Session Four: What next?

  • Chair: Dr Diarmuid Mulherin, Chair NACT UK
  • DEBATE “This house believes PGME will be better in 2029” Prof Liz Hughes v Dr Liz Spencer

Programme 16th May (Day 2)

Session One:

  • Chair: Dr Clive Lewis, East of England rep, NACT Council
  • “SAS/LEDS, Drs Yohanna Takwoingi/Adam Malin”, NACT Council Members
  • “New educational initiatives to extend training to regional sites in the USA”, Dr Bert Fields, AHEC/Eugene S. Mayer Traveling Fellow 2016
  • “Workforce of the future: The competing forces shaping 2030”, Ms Juliet Stuttard, UK public sector space

Session Two:

  • Chair: Dr Andy Whallett, Editor Clinical Tutor
  • “UK Travelling Fellow 2017 Eugene Mayer Lecture”, Dr Adam Malin, Royal United Hospital, Bath
  • “Geriatrics Practice: U.S.A vs U.K, Dr Wayne Hale”, AHEC/Eugene S. Mayer Traveling Fellow 1997
  • “Global Health Fellowship”, Dr Wilf Kelsall, Regional Lead for Paediatric Cardiology

Session Three: Workshops

  • “Finance”, Dr Alison Cooper
  • “Trainers in Difficulty (leading to revamp NACT Doc)”," Drs Clive Lewis & Andy Whallett
  • “Emotional intelligence”, Mrs Kate Read, deputy Dean HEOE

Session Four:

  • Chair: Dr Jo Szram, Chair elect
  • Workshops: Repeat of 3 workshops above
  • Feedback from workshops
  • “An audience with the Chair”, Dr Diarmuid Mulherin

10th May 2018 - West Mids

CPD Programme               Spring Meeting Final Programme

NACT UK Chair Report for AGM 2018

Presentations & Handouts that have been made available to us:

Preconference Workshop  -  Write up

The role of the CEO in developing the clinical learning environment in today's NHS Mr David Loughton, CEO, Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

How to train a military doctor for their role Brigadier Robin Simpson, Defence PG Medical Dean

Eugene Mayer Travelling Fellow 2016 Lecture Dr Helen Waters, Torbay Hospital

RAISE the standard of induction Dr Hazel Coop, Palliative Medicine Registrar, Coventry & Dr Shaun Thein, Academic Clinical Fellow, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Educational Supervisors and their changing role Miss Helen Cattermole:

The changing role of the Educational Supervisor (powerpoint)

Handout 1 - Personalising the work schedule          

Handout 2 - Personalising the work schedule

Handout 3 - Exception reporting          Handout 4 - Exception reporting

NACT example generic work schedules: A   B   C

Safe working flowchart         Training issue flowchart

The changing role of the Educational Supervisor - NHS Employers Guidance        

Factsheet for Educational Supervisors

Managing exception reports guidance       

Exception reporting guide for Senior Doctors