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LEDs across the UK This latest guidance from NACT UK that we have put together to support Locally Employed Doctors (LEDs) across the UK. This guidance sets out the current situation and proposes advice on who should support the professional development of this varied workforce.

The long-term sustainability of the NHS and Adult Social Care - a House of Lords Report published 5 April 2017

Adapting for the future: a plan for improving the flexibility of UK postgraduate medical training - a report GMC document


This document might of interest to you. SAS Doctor Development Guide

Here is another document that might of interest to you - currently out to consultation Expansion of U/G Medical Education

Below are two examples of good practice of Strategies for Medical Education which might be
useful to you for use within your own Trust. If you also have a Strategy you would like to share with other Members please send to us via the following link

Rotherham's Strategy for Medical EducationGSTT's Strategy for Medical Education - Link to AoMRC Learning to Make a Difference report

Supervisor Review Oct 2015

Supervisor Review Oct 2015 - word document for members to download and adjust / customise for local use

Faculty Guide - the Workplace Learning Environment in PG Medical Training Oct 2013

Faculty Guide October 2013

Appendix 1 - Who Does What

Appexdix 2 - Roles of Supervisors

Appendix 3 - Job Descriptions

Appendix 4 - Guidance for Ongoing Clinical Supevision

Appendix 5 - Trainees in Difficulty (this was originally called Doctors in Difficulty       DID Slides

Appendix 6 - Terms of Reference Department Faculty Group

Appendix 7 - Serious Incident Analysis

Appendix 8 - Review of Educator Roles

 Some useful slides 

Recognising Educational Roles for Job Plans - Updated May 2015


 Safety of Foundation Doctors (draft 1) STFS
Specialty Training Specialty Doctors
SAStrainingNeedsSurvey BMANov08
SASFundingStatement BMA Oct08
Educational Supervisors in Secondary Care Project News
Glossary of AcronymsGlossary.xls