National Documents

Some useful documents that will be of interest to Members:

COPMeD statement on the Development of SAS Doctors as Educational and Clinical Supervisors can be accessed via this link below:

Development of SAS Doctors as Educational & Clinical Supervisors

AoMRC has now published SAS as Educators paper on its website. The paper is available on the link below:

SAS as Educators Statement

Engaging and Empowering the SAS Workforce

SAS - A Viable Career Choice

Please click on the following link for the Guidance document to support training in ISPs, 

Guidance for placement of doctors in training in the Independent Sector

Short Guide to IMT3 - 2021

Please see below document and promotional video from HEE Working Group for Enhancing Junior Doctors Working Lives:

Enhancing Junior Doctors Working Lives - Annual Progress Report Sept 2021

Please click on the link to view the Enhancing Junior Doctors Working Lives promotional video

AoMRC - Supporting Appraisal for the SAS Workforce

SAS Workforce: rhetoric vs reality - April 2021

AoMRC Strengthening the Role of the SAS Tutor 

SAS Workforce: Later careers and retirement - April 2021

Emergency Medicine Educational Development Time Support Letter

RCEM Curriculum Section 4.3.7

2021 Specialty Recruitment update release of candidates & doctors in postgraduate training for recruitment & assessment

AoMRC - Exams - Academy Statement (updated January 2021)

Surgical Training delivery during COVID

HEE Guidance for placement of Doctors in training in the Independent Sector

HEE Approves 2 new policies please see links below:

HEE Policy for NHS Library Learning Space

HEE Policy for psychological support for embedded Clinical Librarians

How to support successful training for BME doctors Nov 2020 GMC Report on differential attainment in collaboration with medical Royal colleges and the Academy.

4 Nations Principles for Educational Organisations During Pandemic Surges

Supervision Arrangements for Doctors in Training - Independent Sector 

HEE/NHSEI Joint Position Statement Ensuring Education & Training - Independent Sector 

The long-term sustainability of the NHS and Adult Social Care - a House of Lords Report published 5 April 2017

Adapting for the future: a plan for improving the flexibility of UK postgraduate medical training - a report GMC document

SAS Doctor Development Guide

Expansion of U/G Medical Education

Achieving safer prescription of cytotoxic agents: Academy Recommendations

DoH Education & Training Tariffs 2017-2018

Supporting Trainees NACT 2018 - Following the launch at the recent spring meeting, please find the NACT UK supporting trainees document, May 2018.