NACT UK Documents

These documents have been written by NACT UK Council with advice from members, deaneries and others. They are not national policy but provided to support members in their work. The following documents can be accessed by all members as a useful resource:

Monthly returns on trainees (generic template v2. 2018)

Supporting Trainees NACT 2018 - Following the launch at the recent spring meeting, please find the NACT UK supporting trainees document, May 2018.

LEDs across the UK This latest guidance from NACT UK that we have put together to support Locally Employed Doctors (LEDs) across the UK. This guidance sets out the current situation and proposes advice on who should support the professional development of this varied workforce.

NACT: Clarification on roles of DME and Guardian of Safe working for the new JD Contract

A Guide to the Funding & Accountability of Medical Education Feb 2016

Supporting Educators Feb 2016

Supervisor Review Oct 2015

Supervisor Review Oct 2015 - word document for members to download and adjust / customise for local use

 NACT UK Proposal for Expanding SpR Acute Cover

Slides to support Acute Take Guidance

Faculty Guide - the Workplace Learning Environment in PG Medical Training Oct 2013

Faculty Guide October 2013

Appendix 1 - Who Does What

Appexdix 2 - Roles of Supervisors

Appendix 3 - Job Descriptions

Appendix 4 - Guidance for Ongoing Clinical Supevision

Appendix 5 - Trainees in Difficulty

DID Slides to support Appendix 5

Appendix 6 - Terms of Reference Department Faculty Group

Appendix 7 - Serious Incident Analysis

Appendix 8 - Review of Educator Roles

 Some useful slides



Annual report 2013  Annual Report 2012.pdf Annual Report 2010.pdf     

Quality Control Form Specialty Jul08.doc 
Quality Control Form LEP Jul08.doc - These documents are used to collect specialty information to help construct the Trust's Annual Quality Report
Study Leave Funding Feb08
NW Deanery Guidance on Providing Pastoral Support to Trainees.doc
Appraisal of Educational Supervisors updated Jan 2013.doc
Revalidation for Trainees - spreadsheet.xls - A spreadsheet for the Postgraduate Dept to collect and summarise complaints and incidents involving trainees to feedback to the Dean
Main appraisal form (MAG) form.docx

This is designed to be attached to the main appraisal form (MAG) form.  The MAG form is available at 

Position Statements