Additional Ideas

An appreciation of the differences and similarities of the UK and NC healthcare systems, the training pathway and career structures are all a major component of the Fellowship. However, the Travelling Fellow projects should have an element relating to medical education.

Below is listed some suggestions for Travelling Fellow projects. Some could occupy the whole Fellowship period - and longer. Other topics listed are fragments that would need combination with one or more others to make enough to sustain a whole project. Each topic below has a brief description or background and the strengths and limitations of the topic are often included. None of the material is exhaustive. The list of projects is not exclusive. Specialty interest-based topics would be possible as long as they are linked to an aspect of medical education. Examples of such specialty topics might include: palliative and hospice care, care of the elderly, ethical issues in healthcare, etc.

Innovative topics would be welcomed as applications, though prospective applicants would be well advised to seek feedback on the topic before proceeding far.