This Fellowship is based in North Carolina and is hosted by the Area Health Education Centres (AHEC) http://www.ncahec.net. It is awarded annually with interviews held in late November and it is worth £3,000.00.  The aim of the Fellowship is to provide an opportunity for a Member to experience another healthcare system and study some aspect of postgraduate or continuing medical education.  

You must have been a fully paid up member for 2 consecutive years and have regularly attended NACT UK meetings.

The application should demonstrate some knowledge of the system for medical education in North America. An appreciation of the differences and similarities of the UK and NC healthcare systems is a major component of the Fellowship (see ‘Project Ideas' below). The training and career structures also differ (see “Medical Education in the UK” and “Medical Education in North Carolina”). However, the contrast of the systems is not sufficient.  Although proposed projects are not expected to reach the rigor of research, there should be a clear “research” question, some ideas as to what is required to explore the question and how you would use the learning on return to the UK. It is expected that the Fellowship will change the way you view, understand or practice some aspect of your role in medical education.  The successful applicant will be expected to present their findings at the NACT UK Spring Meeting.The Fellowship is for 2-4 weeks and is usually taken late summer/early autumn.  A minimum of two weeks must be spent in North Carolina, after which they may visit other centres in the US. Most Fellows spend a month away and are encouraged to include some holiday within this time. Many have found this sabbatical stimulating, exciting and for many a life changing experience, with the break from routine duties invigorating. Previous recipients of the fellowship have managed to arrange a period of paid sabbatical leave. While most Trusts see this as a prestigious award for the Trust and respond accordingly, experience has shown that it is worth discussing in principle with colleagues and the trust CEO before application.

The Fellow will gain a broad experience of medical education in North Carolina as well as sampling some legendary American hospital and seeing many parts of this beautiful area of the United States.  This is part of a reciprocal arrangement NACT UK has with AHEC at Chapel Hill in North Carolina and each year a Travelling Fellow from AHEC visits the UK.  The Fellow will be hosted by AHEC colleagues across North Carolina and it is expected that the NACT Travelling Fellow's "host" future AHEC Fellows.  The programme in North Carolina will be planned in consultation with the AHEC Programme Director and the winning project will be reviewed by the AHEC Director to ensure its suitability prior to award.  


Due to Covid-19 this is now postponed until further notice 

This is an essential reference for any would be Fellow.  For further information about medical education in the USA please read this excellent summary Dezee KJ, Artino AR, Elnicki M et al. 2012. Medical education in the United States of America. Med Teach 34:521-525.

The following gives the names and project titles of some recent Fellows you may wish to contact for advice:

2015 Dr C Gass - QA Metrics for Community Based Placements, Widening Particpation and Alternative Staffing Solutions in the Acute Sector
2014 Dr A Cooper - Doctors in Difficulty
2014 Dr A Jeffrey -The Teaching and Learning of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement in PGME
2005 Dr E Spencer - Preparing medical students to work