Reasons for joining NACT UK

The National Association of Clinical Tutors (NACT) was originally founded in 1969 to further the interests of what were then called District Clinical Tutors nationally and to help and support them in their work. Our membership has grown since then to encompass the variety of leading educators involved at the local level in the management and delivery of postgraduate medical education across the UK. 

Through our courses, workshops and conferences,  we provide opportunities for our members and others to improve their skills and knowledge in the field of PGME. 

NACT UK liaises on behalf of its members with many national bodies involved in Medical Education. We communicate our knowledge of these to our membership through a long established information cascade system.

To emphasise its role across the UK, on 10th May 2007 the members voted for the organisation to be known as NACT UK in order to emphasise being a four Nation organisation. 

Our association membership is primarily made up of:

  • Clinical Tutors/Directors of Medical Education/Faculty Leads (HIEW)
  • Foundation Programme Directors
  • SAS Tutors
  • Training Programme Directors
  • Associate Deans
  • College Tutors
    although we are happy to consider anyone involved in PGME who share our aims.

Please see the link below for our constitution.


1969 Onwards Past Chairs of NACT UK             

List of Past NACT Chairs

Membership Fees

Full Membership for January to December 2022 is £195.20 (£173 + £22.20 VAT which is 20% on £111.00 the remainder is exempt). 

Discounted rates available depending on number of members within one Hospital. Discounted Membership will remain at £109.00

Associate Membership is now available for any trainees or medical students at £35.00

If you would like to become a NACT UK Member please email the form below to office@nact.org.uk

Membership Application Form 2022

Associate Membership Application Form 2022